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Showcase Your Music with a MySpace Music Layout

You’ve decided you want a MySpace page that will showcase your interest in music. Perhaps you are a musician who would like others to listen to your music on your MySpace page. Or maybe you have a favorite band that you want the world to know about. You may want a page to highlight a different interest like cars or animals while visitors are treated to music playing in the background. MySpace gives you a wide range of options so that you can create a custom page using both graphics and sound, and music MySpace layouts are an eye-catching way to let visitors know about your taste in music.

MySpace Alicia Witt Page

There are a large number of free music MySpace layouts available for anyone to use. Some of the music layouts you can find right away by searching the internet feature cassettes, guitars, boom boxes, musical notes, headphones, and piano keys. If you have something else in mind, add it to your search, and you can find a layout for anything related to music that you can possibly think of.

Installing music on your site is easy because MySpace makes the process so user friendly. When you log in to your MySpace account and go to your profile you will see a link for “Music.” Clicking on this link will take you to the music section of MySpace where you will be able to find the perfect music for your site. You can find any musical style here, from classical to hip hop and you can search by style and artist. You can also add music videos to your MySpace page by copying the embedded code from your favorite video on YouTube and pasting it into the “About Me” section of your MySpace account profile after you log in. Adding a music video to your page after installing one of the music MySpace layouts will offer your MySpace visitors a dynamic experience that they won’t find on many other popular social networking sites.

If you really want to catch someone’s attention instantly when they land on your site, you can choose an animated layout, background, or image. Sparkling glitter, flashing text, and a spinning guitar will draw the eye and make your MySpace page stand out. You can choose from many of the options online or you can create your own animations using a generator available on several websites. So you can see that there are unlimited ways to give your MySpace page pizzazz by using any of the music MySpace layouts together with animation and music.

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