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Girly MySpace Layouts

You are a girly girl and want to make sure that the people who see your social networking site know it! MySpace is a great choice if you want to display a girly page since MySpace pages are customizable. There are many girly MySpace layouts to choose from and you can have a lot of fun looking through the various sites online before you find the perfect layout for your page.

Girly MySpace Layouts

The first thing you may notice when browsing through the different girly MySpace Layouts is the color. Many girly layouts display bright colors and eye-catching graphics. You can find layouts that have pink backgrounds with polka dots, pink and white checked gingham and layouts with pink hearts. Other layouts display bright yellows, aquas and neon green. You can also find layouts that have dark backgrounds with bright splashes of color to make them more girly.

When designing your MySpace page, remember that you aren’t limited to using only the girly MySpace layouts that you find online. You can use your imagination to create your own photos for your page. Slither into that slinky black dress, slip into those 4-inch spike heels and wind a feather boa around your neck and have a friend snap your picture. Or you can go with the whimsical and wear an old-fashioned sunbonnet with your bikini. Have a friend snap your picture and then you can use your computer or cell phone to upload the photo to your MySpace account. If no one is around to take your photo and you want to upload it right away you can use the webcam on your computer to snap your own photos.

You’ve finally chosen the perfect design from the many girly MySpace layouts you’ve looked at and are ready to put it on your MySpace page. First you will need to copy the layout code. You will either find it under the image of the layout you’ve chosen or will have to click on the layout name to access the code. The next steps will be to log into your MySpace account, click on “Edit Profile” and then paste the code into the “About Me” text box, making sure to delete any code that may be there from your previous layout. Then all you have to do is save it and your new girly layout will be displayed on your page for all the world to see.

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