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Find Free MySpace Layouts Online

Designing a MySpace page is fun and you can have a page up and running in a short amount of time. Whether you want to upgrade an existing MySpace page to a newer design or are creating your MySpace page for the first time, you will discover creating your own customized page won’t cost anything but your time because there are many free MySpace layouts available. If you decide to use a free layout you can create a MySpace page that looks like it was crafted by an expert.

MySpace Layout

There are so many free MySpace layouts available that you are limited only by your imagination. Have you already decided what theme you’d like your MySpace page to have? If so, conducting an internet search using the key words that reflect your chosen theme is a good place to start. For example, if you love flowers and want your MySpace page to reflect this, you can search the internet using the phrase “free MySpace flower layouts.” You can also be more specific and search for free layouts using daisies, roses, or some other flower. Chances are there will be a free layout that will exactly match your interests.

If you haven’t decided what kind of theme you’d like to have on your MySpace page, conducting a net search using the phrase “free MySpace layouts” will yield many pages of results. You can then browse through these pages and see what kind of designs speak to you.

MySpace Background

In order to install one of the many free MySpace layouts on your page you will need to copy and paste the layout code text to your MySpace page. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of using code since this is nothing more than an easy cut and paste job. First you will select and copy the layout code text, then you will go to the Home page of your MySpace account and click on “Edit Profile.” Place your cursor in the “About Me” text box and paste the layout code there.

MySpace Code

If there is already code from an existing layout you will need to delete it before pasting in the new code or your new layout will not be displayed. If you are having trouble installing the new layout, there are many tutorials online that can help. Just do another net search for a tutorial, follow the instructions, and you will soon have a MySpace page you can be proud of.

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