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Emo MySpace Layouts

You enjoy listening to Emo bands and may express yourself with body piercings, hoodies, and fingerless gloves.  You live an Emo lifestyle and want to network with others in the EMO counterculture but you may have a problem meeting them if you live in a rural area. You don’t need to feel alone any longer because MySpace provides a great way to meet others of like mind. It is easy to create a MySpace page that reflects your interests and there are many Emo MySpace layouts to choose from.

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When you first begin browsing for Emo MySpace layouts you will be impressed by the variety available. You can find layouts with safety pins, skulls, razor blades, devils, and more. If you are looking for something specific just add it to the keyword phrase you are using to conduct your search.

Emo MySpace Layouts

For example, if you’re looking for an Emo layout with a death theme, use the phrase “Emo MySpace Death layouts.” This will generate many pages of search results offering death themes, backgrounds and layouts for your MySpace page.

Do your musical tastes run to Emo pioneers like Rites of Spring or Embrace? Do you prefer the later sounds of Dashboard Confessions and screamo? Or do you enjoy listening to the more mainstream sounds of the Knockout Kings? You can make your MySpace page your own by adding your favorite music. Adding music to the page you create using one of the numerous Emo MySpace layouts available will show the world that you are proud to be Emo! There are several ways to add music to your MySpace page. One is to find a YouTube video of your favorite band and paste the embedded code into your MySpace account profile. Another way is to use a MySpace music code generator. Some of the websites that provide MySpace music code generators are and and a net search will yield other sites that provide similar music generators.

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You’ve searched the net for Emo MySpace layouts, backgrounds, and themes and have chosen the layout and selected the music you’d like to play on your page. The next step is to log into your MySpace Account, click on “Edit Profile” and then add the code to your page. You can find tutorials to walk you through the process at various websites such as Simply follow the instructions to cut and paste the code into your profile to make your MySpace stand out and show the world how Emo you are.

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