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How to Choose eBay Store Layouts

With eBay store layouts, virtually anyone can become an online distributer. After a person signs up for eBay Stores, they have a plethora of options available for building their new Internet business. This is where the problems begin. Individuals who are new to online auctions may not know which layout is best for their company. Consequently, they may choose something that hinders their branding. Others may rush and pick the simplest layout available. They then lose sales because they are not maximizing their advertising space. Indeed, before a seller opens up an eBay store, they need to understand what type of situation warrants a particular layout.

eBay Store Layouts

If a seller is operating a smaller enterprise, they will want to consider eBay store layouts that accentuate the “showcase” concept. When layouts utilize this type of style, emphasis is placed on two to four items at a time. No other explicit advertising is used, as the main goal is to try to get a customer hooked on these featured products. If the customer is not interested, they can still peruse the links that are provided on the left side of the screen. These will take them to the products that are not being featured. Larger businesses will want more complex eBay store layouts. There are several ways this can be achieved. The easiest involves advertising a multitude of products at one time. This is called the “Basic Layout.” Buyers will see a banner at the top, textual product listings on the left side and visual product listings on the right. Most of the emphasis is placed on the visual listings, where buyers can browse through dozens of items. In each of these ads, they will see a photo, a one-line description and pricing information. No other ads are available, even ones for featured items.

The inability to feature ads is a major setback for the Basic Layout. This is why many sellers opt for Advanced layouts. Through these layouts, sellers can advertise discounts in a variety of areas. The most popular tends to be in the space right beneath the banner. Sellers can advertise up to four ads in this space alone. If this is not enough, they can also advertise on the left portion of the site. By default, ads in this area usually appear beneath the product listings. They can be moved with advanced HTML knowledge.

eBay Online Shopping

In summary, eBay store layouts need to be chosen with care. A business should not use a showcase layout if they are selling hundreds of items. Conversely, a person with twelve items or less should not use a Basic or Advanced Layout. Ultimately, sellers need to think about what will work best for their situation. Just because a particular layout works well with one seller does not mean it will offer the same success for another.

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