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Add a Background to Your MySpace Page

MySpace was the first social networking site to go viral and attract millions of members. It was launched in 2003 and although many competitors have surfaced since then MySpace continues to be one of the top three social networks. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a way to meet people or keep in touch with loved ones. Creating or changing a MySpace page is easy and there are many tools available online to help you. There are thousands of images, layouts, and MySpace backgrounds to choose from and many of them are free.

MySpace Background

You can make your MySpace page look professional by choosing the right layout, but you should understand that your page will look like all of the others which have been created with the same layout. The images will be in the same locations and the colors will be the same, but because millions of members have MySpace accounts chances are good that you won’t see many other pages with a layout identical to yours, if any. However, you can make your page unique by adding one of the many MySpace backgrounds available.

You may be wondering what the difference is between MySpace backgrounds and layouts. A layout is a theme that is repeated throughout the entire page. This theme is responsible for the appearance of text colors and the colors in the background of text boxes and tables. On the other hand a MySpace background only appears in the background and doesn’t affect anything else on the page. When you upload a background the text color and the colors in any boxes and tables will remain the same and you will see the background around the edges of your page.

MySpace Page Background

There are many MySpace backgrounds available and you can browse different websites to find one that you’d like to have on your MySpace page. You can even create your own background by uploading a photo or other image to a website that has a background creator. When you upload this image the background creator software will automatically generate the code you’ll need to have the background displayed on your page. Don’t be afraid of the idea of using code because all you’ll have to do is copy the code and then paste it into the “About Me” section of your MySpace account profile. There are many tutorials online to walk you through the process and you can soon have a MySpace page with a customized background that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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